20 + 1 Things to do during a staycation (in Covid times)

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Are you tired of reading blogs telling you how to allegedly make your staycation more interesting during COVID? Let’s face it, it sucks! A bottle of champagne with strawberries and some roses in a hotel room as staycation special is yawning, come on, there got to be something more creative than the old fashion scene?! 

ZaZaZu comes to the rescue… Of course, we must promote our Intimacy kits series, which is the best and +1 to break out of the routine and transform your staycation nights from ordinary to exceptional.

Role card To Set The Stage

Every Intimacy kit contains role cards that provide detailed instructions on how to set up the room. We create the scenario, curate the products, and tell you exactly what to do with them and each other. No guesswork, planning or judgment, great products, gorgeous packaging.

Delivered to your doorstep in a discreet box, of course. Our curated intimacy kits are not only meant for happy couples, but also for happy single ladies, check out “Diamond is Girl’s Best Friend”, when it comes to indulging yourself, if not during COVID, when else?! 

And if you are thinking about what to do for Halloween in 2020 with the lockdown in place, we invite you to explore the Halloween Pumping Intimacy Kit.

Promotion aside, here comes the 20 fun things to do during a staycation that you surely have not thought about yet, inside and outside of a Hotel. 

Inside of a Hotel (Global Edition)

  1. It’s a Special Day!

Tell the hotel it’s your birthday / anniversary / graduation day / remotely engaged / successfully defeated depression / awarded to be top voice of XYZ, etc. basically any event that should be celebrated. If they know what’s good for them, they’ll take your word for it, and send up fresh flowers, a bottle of champagne, a big fat cake, etc. right away. That’s a good way to start a staycation!

  1. Take a Spa Day!

Fluffy robes. A working bathroom. A soothing Spotify playlist. Even if your hotel doesn’t have an actual spa, you’ve got what you need right in your room. While away the hours steaming in the shower with some Enya in the background, or recline with a few cucumber slices over your eyes on the bed. La la la la…in staycation mode now! (Secret hint: check out ZaZaZu curated intimacy kits)

  1. Ask for a Hotel Tour! 

Already browsed the website, and think you have a firm grasp on the hotel’s various amenities and features? Get someone to show you around anyway so you get the most out of your staycation. You never know, it might end with an exclusive peek at the Presidential Suite!

  1. Get a Good Night’s Sleep! 

You can leave all your thoughts, To-Do lists, Chores at home. While you have it, take advantage of the fluffy pillows and clean sheets, blackout shades, and rare peace and quiet. Who knows, you might even find a friendly hotel staffer who is willing to tuck you in. Finally a well-rested night at the staycation!

  1. . …Or Not….

ZaZaZu’s ethos—that hotel beds are for more than just sleeping— you can order room service, crumb in the bed without the worry of cleaning. Of course let me subtly highlight another, more classic perk of staying in hotels… Just don’t forget to flip the “Do Not Disturb” sign.

  1. Write a thank You Note!

Write thank you notes for the hotel staff who are likely working double shifts and dealing with grumpy guests. Be the difference! (which increases the chance to get free stuff as a side benefit 😊) Spread kindness… wherever you happen to be!

  1. Chat with the Staff! 

Assuming you’re not laid up with a contagious disease, take some time to get to know the staff at your accommodation. They’ll most likely be locals with lots of interesting tips for you and if you find you have some interests in common they might even help you get a taste of local life.

At the very least they’re likely to tell you the real truth about the best place to eat nearby or help you figure out something else to do if your plans have been totally disrupted due to the invisible enemy. Your staycation allies, I would say.

  1. Write a Letter! 

Remember how people used to write on actual paper with a pen and send it to each other? There’s something really special about getting a handwritten letter, but most people feel they never have time to write one or have nothing to write about.

Now it’s the perfect time to write a beautiful letter to someone you care about. And since Covid you must have reflected a lot and have probably plenty of new insights to tell. A staycation helps you to focus better.

  1. Learn to Use Your Camera Properly! 

I’m sure that most of you, just like me, have numerous functions on your camera that you’ve never used, especially when cameras in smartphones have almost made a good camera redundant. However, even reasonably simple point-and-shoot cameras have heaps of extra functions.

While you are dwelling in your hotel room, take this captive time to experiment with all the functions and figure out when it might be useful to use them. Knowing a few simple ways to use the manual settings on your camera can make the end result of staycation memories so much better than defaulting to shooting in automatic mode.

  1. Do …Absolutely Nothing!

If your life is remotely like mine, then your ability to take time for yourself and do nothing at all is definitely not well-developed. Sometimes, though, it can be really productive and relaxing (yes, at the same time!) to simply sit / lay down and do nothing.

There aren’t many times in life when there aren’t too many things requiring your attention but if you’re staying in a hotel room during staycation you don’t need to work, you don’t need to do housework, you probably don’t even need to talk to anyone (except perhaps your better half). So enjoy it and do nothing for once!

Outside of a Hotel (Singapore Edition) 

1. Explore Unique Places in Seletar

Many people don’t even know that there is another airport besides Changi. If you want something unconventional, go and explore the Seletar Airport. This spot truly deserves a shoutout for being one of the more under-appreciated places to explore in Singapore. 

One of my favorite places here is the Aerospace Boardwalk, where you can watch airplanes take off. Although there are significantly fewer flights now, you can explore other attractions nearby such as the Seletar Aerospace Park.

After a walk here, you can find several cozy neighborhood cafes and restaurants nearby. Given the multiple places to explore here, you can actually plan a really fulfilling day just in this area!

2. Take a Walk at Woodlands Waterfront

Woodlands Waterfront Park is frequently under-looked in comparison to its more popular counterparts like East Coast Park and Botanic Garden. In fact, there are exceptional sceneries here too!

From here, you can get a stunning panoramic view of the Straits of Johor (Don’t we all miss you JB!). The landscapes are huge plus-points especially for photography enthusiasts! Drop by during sunset to catch the absolutely breath-taking view, while the sea breeze caresses your face

3. Visit the Canopy Park @Jewel

For those planning to visit Jewel to relief your shopping itch as one of your Staycation activities, we highly recommend visiting the recreational wonderland, the Canopy Park.

Located at the topmost floor of this shopping paradise, the Canopy Park has various fun and exciting attractions. Think mazes, bouncing nets, and beautiful garden trails. If you’re not a fan of physical activities, simply come relax and dine. 

4. Who said there is no snow in Singapore? Visit Snow City

2020 is the year when most of us has travelled to Nowhere. If you are tired of the hot summer weather in Singapore, but can’t travel overseas to escape it? You can enjoy sub-zero temperature at Snow City, Singapore’s very first indoor snow centre!

Their latest addition, the Winter Shooting Arena, has exciting activities for you, including Target Shooting and Close Quarter Battle. The great thing is that they have several ongoing promotions and you can definitely find one that gives you the most bang for your buck.

5. Take a stroll down Kampong Lorong Buangkok

If you picture Singapore, signature landmarks like Marina Bay Sands or Botanic Garden would pop up,  you would barely associate Singapore with the last remaining village cluster on the mainland (if you have ever even heard about it).

It gives you a glimpse of the city’s kampong past including the humble abodes of the yesteryears that still stand. Take a walk through the small village and get transported back to a time when life was simpler in Singapore. But remember to be respectful as these are people’s homes after all.

6. Feel inspired at the Omni-Theater in Science Centre

Nobody said studying science has to be boring. Come immerse yourself in a movie and learn about scientific discoveries at this full-dome cinema. Here, you’ll get transported right into the film, making it an educational observatory perfect for all ages!

This makes it one of the truly unique Staycation activities to do in Singapore. Due to current restrictions, remember to pre-book your tickets and choose your slots. 

7. Catch a Late-Night Movie 

Tired of flipping through Netflix’s catalogue during circuit breaker? Why not catch the latest blockbuster at a cinema before you head back to the hotel. After all, big screens and comfy plush seats, always hit differently, especially when you don’t have to sit beside to a stranger due to social distancing any more. 

8. Catch Some Prawns at Orto

The scenic multi-recreational park in Yishun makes the perfect sanctuary for nature lovers. Orto is the largest prawning facility in Singapore. The space has a total of 10 ponds inhabited by big head prawns and yabbies among others. Embrace the thrill of catching your very own fresh batch of seafood while living in this concrete jungle.

While you’re at it, barbecue your catch at the available electric grills at no extra cost. However, do note that Longkang Fishing is only open during the weekends, while the rest of the ponds are open daily.

9. Find the Seven Merlions

Yes, there are seven (7) of the Merlions in Singapore, and two aren’t even legally supposed to be there! Part-lion, part-fish, the iconic symbol represents Singapore’s original name Singapura (which stands for lion city) and her origins as a fishing village. Find these statues at Sentosa, Merlion Park, Ang Mo Kio, Tourism Court and Mount Faber.

Image Credits: remembersingapore.wordpress.com

10. Dine in the dark

Yup, you read that right. Have your other senses amplified as you dine in a pitch dark space at Nox. They will take you on a journey through tastes and textures, a multi-sensory dining experience that will tantalize your taste buds and open your mind.

Nox invites you to temporarily surrender one of your dominant senses, sight, in exchange for enhancing the other four, allowing you to completely re-evaluate your perception of the world around you. The multi-sensory experience is led by visually impaired guides who will take you through the courses. Once it’s over, you’re presented with images and descriptions of your meal.


While travelling doesn’t seem possible in the near future, there are so many unique and interesting Staycation activities for you right here in Singapore! It’s during times like these when you truly start to appreciate the variety of recreational activities you can do locally.

Nobody said Staycations must be boring, so go and make the best out of your weekend getaways and make them exciting!


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